Winterscape 2 Theme

Winterscape 2 Theme

Picture postcard-style winter scene


  • Stunning background image
  • Wintery Start menu


  • Today screen text is a bit hard to read


If you think about going on holiday then generally you'll be looking to go somewhere hot. But, as this pretty Pocket PC theme proves, cold locations can be appealing too.

Winterscape 2 Theme features a postcard-style image of an Alpine town next to a lake. The whole town, as well as the mountains in the background, is coated with snow, making for a wonderfully picturesque winter scene.

The Winterscape 2 Theme also adds a new transparent Start menu to your Windows Mobile system. This frosty effect looks very nice and adds to the overall cool wonder of the theme. The one main problem with the theme though is that much of the orange text on the today screen is difficult to read.

That said, if you're a fan of beautiful winter scenes then you'll like Winterscape 2 Theme.

Winterscape 2 Theme


Winterscape 2 Theme

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